Kentuckys 400 Mile Yard Sale

If you have never shopped the 400 mile yard sale you are truly missing out! I have gone every year for the last 10 or so years. I have found some of the coolest stuff along this route. Granted I usually stick on the route between Russellville, Ky and Bowling Green, Ky. One day I hope to make it all the way out to the end of the route. I have never actually visited eastern Kentucky and when would be a better time to visit it then when I can stop at a million little small towns and buy random items?

If you are looking for antiques, animals, good food, vintage items, new times, old items, ANYTHING then you should really hit up this yard sale event.

Another cool thing..It’s all along history 68 highway. Which means if you travel the entire thing you will see many cute adorable small towns where everyone knows everyone. It’s that awesome.

We will be setting up at the Rockfield Elementry School in Rockfield, Ky. We have bought 4 parking spots. Yes, I have THAT much stuff to get rid of. I am clearing out EVERYTHING. Womans Clothing, Kids Clothing, Mens Clothing, Shoes, and SO MUCH  MORE. I cancelled tons of listings in my eBay store. I went from over 200 listings to just above 19. Prices are LOW. MOST items are $5 and under though there are a few items above that. They are still GREAT deals.  Make sure to stop by and see us!

Want to know more about it? Visit ! It’s FULL of information like locations you must stop at along the way! It gives you TONS of locations to stop by and see too!


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