Finds from the Kentucky 400 Mile Yard Sale

As previously mentioned I love the Kentucky 400 Mile yard sale. I look forward to it every single year! This year unfortunately, I didn’t get to do as much shopping as I normally do because we were set up at Rockfield Elementary.

Map of 400 Mile yard sale
400 mile yard sale map

However, we did go out shopping on the first day of the sale, Thursday. We started at Stone Creek Subdivision (near Bowling Green, Ky) and worked our way over to Russellville. In total we spent about 6 hours.

I picked up a “Mom” Duck and her two babies (made of wood 😉 ) for my dad’s fathers day present for a whole $4! Unfortunately I don’t have a photo because my dad found them in the back seat of my car when he was loading up my newborn for me so I just gave them to him then..and made a mental note to myself to get better with my hiding skills!

I also picked up a 5 gallon bucket of Dish Washing Soap Packs for $10! So far I’m impressed!

TONS of Dishwasher Soap!!
TONS of Dishwasher Soap!!

Last but not least I picked up this sled for $15. The plan is the re-paint it and do some Christmas Photo Mini-Sessions in November! I still need to order the rest of the items but for $15 I couldn’t pass this baby up!

Cool DIY project
My $15 photo prop find!

Thanks again to EVERYONE who came out to Rockfield Elementary and shopped with us! We had such a fun weekend! I loved hearing the stories about what people were going to do with the items! One of my favorites was a MASSIVE white chandelier I sold to a man who was actually buying it for his brother and his Fiance to put in their wedding in a brewery in Chicago. Seriously, How cool is that?


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