Father’s Day!

Fathers day has come and gone. While we don’t go crazy around here for the holiday (I mean come on it’s not like Christmas or anything like that) we do celebrate.

This year was Popstar and Lee’s first fathers day. I wanted to do something memorable for them both. Well, at least for Lee because let’s face it, Popstar ain’t gonna remember 😉 .

My original inspiration came from THIS however, I didn’t have any brown construction paper on hand and wasn’t going to make a special trip to town just for that. So I improvised.

SoKyBargains.com Tutorial
Popstars First Fathers day! Lee’s too!

I painted the bottom of Popstars foot Green instead and made it the “stem”. In the upper left hand corner I made a hand print. Which I’ll add was not easy since newborns often refuse to unclench their fists. My best piece of advice if you are needing to do this with smaller children is to do it while they are sleeping. Seriously, worked like a charm!

We here at SoKy Bargains hope you had a phenomenal Fathers day!


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