I <3 Boobies Support Breastfeeding Awarness

Right now Listed over on my eBay I have tones of onesies, sleepers, and Bibs listed. Some sets and some not. THE PERFECT babyshower gift.

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Cave City $1 Weekend!

How excited was I when I found out Cave City does $1 weekends?  It’s the perfect opportunity to get your family off the couch and out of the house!  Saturday September 19th only!


Shoes Shoes and more SHOES!

I have been overly busy listing 400+ shoes. Granted I haven’t actually listed THAT many..In fact I’ve only listed 23. Hey now! Sorting shoes and finding their matches takes a long time…a VERY long time 😉 I do plan on listing as many as possible every day though so check back frequently!

Anyways, be sure to head on over to my store to find some great deals on shoes!

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These Beautiful shoes are available in a size 9! Find them here. If they were a half size bigger I would totally be keeping them for myself 🙂

Or if you just want to see all the shoes I have available follow this link.

Toddler Tasting Plates

Every day when Princess gets home from school she needs a snack. If it were up to her she would just eat a bag of chips but instead I try to make her a “tasting plate” instead. I try to give her a little bit of everything so it’s not too boring for her.  I like doing it on the same plate everyday but you could switch it up 😛

Thursday Tasty Plate www.SoKyBargains.com
Thursday Tasty Plate
Monday Tasty Plate www.SoKyBargains.com
Monday Tasty Plate
Tuesday Tasty Plate www.SoKyBargains.com
Tuesday Tasty Plate
Wednesday Tasty Plate www.SoKyBargains.com
Wednesday Tasty Plate

Yes, theres turkey on her plate. Princess prefers Cajun to Cracked Pepper. I like the Dannon “Smoothies” in stead of yogurt for a few reasons. One being that it’s more kid sized. Lastly, yes my kid will eat piles of cheese. She doesn’t like slices as much as she likes shredded so I feed her shredded. Yes, there are only 4 days because she only goes to school 4 days a week.

The tasty plates don’t have to be complicated, obviously, mine aren’t. When in doubt use the K.I.S.S method ;).


I can’t tell you how excited I am that it’s Wednesday. Why? Well Princess is back home with us and as of tomorrow she will have complete her first full week at her new school and so far so good! She has a new best friend and she LOVES going to school.

This weekend we are going to TWO auctions. One Friday night and One Saturday night. I’m hoping to score some stuff for my booth at Della’s Emporium and Some fresh items to list up on eBay as well.

Speaking of Della’s I took a large load of items over there on Tuesday. Several Fans, a Ninja (with SO many extras! mostly everything was still new in the packaging too!), several comforters and coverlets, Children’s summer and fall clothing (seriously priced to MOVE!). If you haven’t been over there recently you should definitely check it out!

I have also been offered to take over another booth at another location as well. Lee and I are still in discussions over it and trying to figure out if this would be the right move for us or not.

If you haven’t already be sure to “Like” our facebook page! I post previews and updates there throughout the week!