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Auburn Autumn Days

If you’re local to Auburn, Kentucky or just happen to be passing through this weekend be sure to stop by the town square Saturday for Auburn Autumn Days. The little town is celebrating the welcoming of FALL!

Auburn Kentucky Autumn Days www.sokybargains.comI am for sure taking Princess to the inflatables. She LOVES them. Plus the more plays the better she sleeps 😉

Down The Creek We Go

After our cat(fishing) experience Lee and I decided to take Princess down to the creek for a little bit of fishing. We left Popstar with her granny and headed on the day before labor day.


We caught one fish total. A small mouth bass. Of course we threw it back ;). Our family record for me always catching the first fish has officially been broken.


Princess enjoyed it tremendously to say the least. She took the most joy in splashing Lee with water.

If you ever get the chance to explore SoKy do it!

Head over to Della’s Emporium!

This past week I took 3 LARGE loads of stuff over to my booth at Della’s Emporium. Items include bedroom sets , Comforters, Coverlets, Quilts, Crib Sheets, Crib Mattress pads, COMPLETE Knife sets, and SO MUCH MORE! If you already shop there then you know I price stuff to MOVE. If you haven’t ever shopped there before then you need to head there now! 😉 Seriously you’re missing out. Not only is there my booth but there are TONS of other great booths to check out there as well!


What are you waiting for? Get there now! Find the address on her facebook page HERE.

Southern Kentucky Fishing

This past weekend was nice and cool and the perfect weather. You can definitely tell we are inching closer and closer to the fall season.  Lee and I decided to take Princess and Popstar to Grannys Pay lake. I invited my best friend and her children along with us and we all had a blast.  It was a tad pricey though. 15$ per Adult and you can catch up to 5 fish. Children can fish under the adults ticket. So basically it was $30 for our family. The lake closed at 7 and we got there at around 5. We only caught one fish…and I caught it…..Anytime Lee and I go fishing together I always catch the first first fish 😛

Fishing in Southern Kentucky
Grannys Cat Pay Lake Southern Kentucky


Fishing is the perfect chance to get out of the house and kids LOVE it. Check out the Kentucky Tourism website for places to fish (and keep in mind you may need your fishing license!)