6 tips or cleaning out your refrigerator

This past week I took the time to clean out our fridge. I will admit, It was pretty bad. Our condiments were getting out of control and they desperately needed to be gone though! Here’s some helpful tips when cleaning out your fridge so you get it done right the first time 😉

6 tips for cleaning out your fridge. SoKyBargains.com

1) If it’s expired it needs to be tossed.

Now understand there is a difference between “Expired” and “best if used by”. But let’s face it..if the label reads “best if used by XX/2013” It needs to go! Lee kept some cherries that are expired and I have never seen him use ever. But he swears he will use them….I have a feeling my next clean out I will be tossing them…

2) Left overs from last week have GOT to go.

We usually don’t  have too many left overs but seriously that mac-n-cheese isn’t even good the day after you re-heat it. So why keep it?

3) If you NEVER use it, throw it out. There is no “Maybe some day”

Even I’m guilty of this. I’ll have to buy some odd obscure ingredient that I will NEVER use again and keep it in the fridge “just in case“.  Generally if it hasn’t been used in the last 3 months I toss it.

4) Baking Soda and Vinegar are awesome Cleaners.

Don’t just throw away stuff actually CLEAN your fridge too! I put down a layer of baking soda and then pour over some vinegar. Bubbles like crazy and really get’s it nice and clean!

5) Go Shelf by Shelf, top to bottom

Don’t just go randomly about. Start at the very top and work your way down. The inside of the fridge first and then the door. I pull everything out one shelf at a time and the only things that go back in is the stuff that meets my criteria above.

6) Peppermint Oil Works wonders (or grapefruit or similar)

As I clean off each shelf and finish scrubbing it with vinegar I drop two or so drops of Peppermint Oil on the shelf and whip it over the shelf. It makes me fridge smell amazing every time I open it!