I am a huge advocate for wearing your children. I have been since my first child was born. My very first carrier ever was a boba. I knew I wanted something that would last Princess and I for a while and I knew I wanted something I could back carry with so I could get stuff down around the house. After doing some research I narrowed my search down to an Ergo or a Boba. Both were very affordable and fit the bill. Ultimately I bought a boba and I have never regretted it.

Boba 3G Baby Carrier
Boba 3g Baby Carrier

As some of you you know Princess and I originally lived in Arizona. Unfortunately, when we moved to Kentucky my boba was left behind, or at least I thought it was. This past weekend I was sorting through some items and getting them ready or a yard sale. I opened a purple tote (have I mentioned purple is my favorite color!?) and guess what was in there? My Boba..after 2 years it has resurfaced!

Babywearing talk on SoKyBargains.com
The Purple Tote of Awesome the held my Boba!

I am so excited to be able to wear my new squish in this! I’ll have so many memories from BOTH of my babies in my Boba.

If you are in the SoKy area I highly suggest checking out the local babywearing group! Babwearers of Bowling Green. There are so many carriers out there, one for every family for sure!

newborn in a moby
popstar loves to be worn!

*Popstar is currently too small for the Boba so we are a moby. It’s a wrap so it’s slightly different but PERFECT for a newborn but definitely a learning curve.