Fourth of July Crafts

4th of July has come and gone.  We kept it fairly low key this year and just had some family over for a BBQ.
Popstar enjoying her first 4th of July@

This was Popstars’ first 4th of July. While her Granny had bought her an adorable onesie for her to wear and I bought her a head band as well I wanted to make a more personal memory as well. I had some of these white onesies and some paint so decided “why not”.

It’s simple. I painted Popstar’s foot Blue and pressed it on the onesie (be sure to put something IN the onesie so the paint doesn’t get on the back as well!). I then took a paint brush and painted red stripes. All in all it took me about 10 minutes tops. Easy peasy. There really isn’t a need to go out and spend tons of money on a “baby’s first fourth of July” outfit. Make it at home with your little one and savor the memories!
Simple and Adorable

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