Freebies for Moms!

Tis the season for baby showers! I have so many friends who are giving birth or about to give birth. I always like keep an eye out for a good deal on baby items. If you know a mom or dad, are a mom or dad or just like to keep items on hand or the last minute baby shower invites pay attention!

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Score a FREE Car Canopy by using Code SoKy50. Just pay shipping! There are TON’S to choose from. Just head over Here and choose the cover you want. The promo code will take off 100% of the carriers cost. Best of all? You can use the code more then once! Just open a new window and shop away! These things are WONDERFUL for cold weather and rainy season! Go HERE and start shopping!

Use Promotion Code SoKy50 TODAY!

Score a Free Baby Carrier/Sling using code SoKy50

We all know I swear by baby wearing. It’s literally the only way I got ANYTHING don’t when Popstar and Princess were newborns. Head over HERE and click on “Shop Now”. Click on the size/print that you want and then head to your shopping bag. Enter the promo code SOKY50. 100% of the slings cost will be deducted and you are just responsible for shipping. Want more then one? Open a new browser and shop away! It’s always a good idea to have multiples, one to keep in the car, one for the diaper bag, and one for inside the house! 😉

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Nursing Pillows aren’t just for breastfeeding mothers! They are perfect to prop your newborn up on to give your arms some rest too! It’s a FRACTION the cost of spending all that money on a boppy! Head over HERE and click “Shop Now”. Rinse wash repeat like before and just pay shipping!

Use Promotion Code SoKy50 TODAY!FREE Uddercovers! The name is cracks me up. Basically it’s a breastfeeding cover. Shop HERE and don’t forget the promo code! Again,  just pay shipping!

Use Promotion Code SoKy50 TODAY!

Ladies these things are a GOD SEND at helping your shirts last longer! Give’s the illusion of a tank top but not as much bulk! Head over HERE to get one now! I used them with my pregnancy with Popstar and still use them!
Use Promotion Code SoKy50 TODAY!Go HERE to shop. I LOVE baby leg warmers! Great for year round! We use them the most during Fall and Winter and during the crawling stages too! Don’t forget the code SOKY50!

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Last but not least Breast Pads! Let’s face it. If you breast feed or not you’re going to need them! and 10! free pairs?! Get them! Head over HERE to pick a beautiful print now!


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