Toddler Tasting Plates

Every day when Princess gets home from school she needs a snack. If it were up to her she would just eat a bag of chips but instead I try to make her a “tasting plate” instead. I try to give her a little bit of everything so it’s not too boring for her.  I like doing it on the same plate everyday but you could switch it up 😛

Thursday Tasty Plate
Thursday Tasty Plate
Monday Tasty Plate
Monday Tasty Plate
Tuesday Tasty Plate
Tuesday Tasty Plate
Wednesday Tasty Plate
Wednesday Tasty Plate

Yes, theres turkey on her plate. Princess prefers Cajun to Cracked Pepper. I like the Dannon “Smoothies” in stead of yogurt for a few reasons. One being that it’s more kid sized. Lastly, yes my kid will eat piles of cheese. She doesn’t like slices as much as she likes shredded so I feed her shredded. Yes, there are only 4 days because she only goes to school 4 days a week.

The tasty plates don’t have to be complicated, obviously, mine aren’t. When in doubt use the K.I.S.S method ;).


The Popstar and the Pee

Lee and I went to our usual Friday night auction. Popstar needed a diaper change so he took her out to the car. He came back and said there were no diapers in the car….unusual since I was pretty sure there should be at least 3 cloth diapers in the bottom of my diaper bag. I went out and checked and NOPE. Nada. Apparently when I took out my wet/dry back to wash it I took out my clean ones too…whoops. He we were in the middle of an auction with no diapers. Just as we were trying to figure out what to do a pack of baby towels and diapers came up to auction.

Needless to say, I totally bid on it and won. At a whopping 4$ I got 3 baby bath towels and a package of Preemie Diapers. I wasn’t sure if they would even fit or not, but, I was totally going to give it a shot. Lee and Popstar headed out to the SUV once again, this time with diapers in hand. I waited for what felt like forever when Lee showed back up (this was after of course I won two fans). I asked him what happened and he looked at my flabbergasted and handed me the baby and said he would be right back….Ummm Ok?

5 minutes later he shows back up and apparently a disaster happened…He put Popstar in the back of the SUV and while he reached to opened the wipes she peed again…The parking lot is slanted so it started running down her back. It got all over her, her clothes, the diaper bag pad, and her pacifier…So as you imagine he had his hands full 😉

So what lesson did we learn from this? Our nearly 3 month old still fits perfectly into preemie sized diapers, to always have the wipes and diaper ready before you take off the dirty one, and to always make sure your diapers are actually in the diaper bag before you leave the house 😉

5 tips for decluttering your kids room

There are two children in our household. Of course one isn’t really mobile or at the toy stage right now. However, Princess is and she loves toys. Everywhere she goes she want’s a toy and I swear every time she comes home from her NeeNees house she has a toy of some kind. It can get a tad ridiculous.5 tips to decluter your kids room

She spent the past summer with her dad and I did a nice deep clean in her room while she was away. Princess’ room is pretty small to begin with and her toys were just taking over.

So that you’re not stuck decluttering your kids room more then once every 6 months (twice a year is pretty reasonable due to holidays and birthdays). I’ve created some fool proof ways to keep down the clutter

1.) One toy in One Toy Out

Pretty self explanatory. Any time your child bring home a new toy one of the old one needs to go. Either donate it, Sell it, or throw it away. Don’t be lenient about this either. If you start to slack then you’ll wake up one day and realize the toys went from a reasonable amount to a small army.

2) If it doesn’t fit in the toy box it doesn’t stay

We use these sprout containers. One for each girl. They are fabric so they are washable which I love. They aren’t overly huge either so it really helps limiting the toys. Now, there are a few exceptions to this rule in our home. Obviously we can’t fit her play kitchen or doll house in it and we allow her to keep those. This is really geared towards the plush and other small toys they have.

3.) If they haven’t played with it in 3 months it goes

Isn’t it funny how when you are cleaning out your kids room every toy instantly becomes their favorite? Moms are pretty good at noticing what your kids do and don’t play with. If you haven’t seen them play with it recently it needs to go.

4.) Happy Meal Toys Gotta Go

Obviously if it’s toys they play with a lot keep them. However, most happy meal toys end up in the bottom of the toy box never to be seen again. The best advice I have is not to even allow the toys to enter you’re home to begin with. In truth they are junk to begin with. Why even waste your money on them?

5) Broken Toys/Missing Pieces/Incomplete Sets Need to be thrown out

Yes, I understand the G.I.Joe with a missing leg may be his favorite toy EVER but if he’s missing his leg, it’s time to lay Joe to rest. Not saying every toy needs to be in perfect condition you can make some exceptions to this. Now, Princess’ favorite doll is missing it’s original clothes.. We kept the doll because it’s still good even missing the clothes. How strict you want to be on this rule is up to you.

By following these simple rules we went down to a play kitchen (and a few accessories) a doll house (and all the furniture and dolls that belonged to it), and the toy bin I mentioned in rule 2. By having less toys she can actually enjoy them all.

So what are you waiting for? Claim your kids room back today!